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Discussions and interviews about mental health and wellness through positive gaming, digital entertainment, and geek hobbies.


Mindful Gaming is an innovative concept introduced by XP Crunch Media that promotes the incorporation of mindfulness practices into the gaming experience. It aims to create a healthy balance between immersive gaming and mental well-being while educating parents, educators, therapists, and students about the positives of healthy gaming. Hosted by Andrew Rielinger LCSW M.A., Katlin Mahoney Autism Advocate and Gamification Expert, Robert Gillmer, Music of Performing Arts M.A. Music for Therapy, and Nova Mahoney "V", Autistic Artist & Youth Advocate Speaker.


Our MINDFUL GAMING Show is a Mental Health RoundTable stream focusing on utilizing Geek Entertainment for positive Life Skills, Careers, and Mental Health. Book us for an engaging workshop or join us for our free RoundTable Discussions LIVE the second Thursdays of every month!

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