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Cranium Board Game Encourages Creative Thinking

Think of Hasbro's Cranium Board Game as a mix of Trivia Pursuit +Pictionary + Guesstures. In other words, it's another creative thinking game all wrapped up in one! Although the rules suggest at least four players, you play on teams, so the more the merrier! Just keep in mind, the more players you have, the longer the game play may turn out because each team will need to get a turn.

The rules are pretty simple, the setup is fast, and the game play can last anywhere from an hour or more depending on how creative your teammates are. Simply put, everybody breaks up into two or more teams. Each team chooses a starting player piece and puts it on the Purple Planet Cranium. Next get out the Timer, dice, and the tub of cranium clay. The person whose birthday is coming up next goes first.

choose the most creative players for your team

On your turn you get to do an activity. Each color represents a certain topic. These topics range anywhere from drawing, charades, science & math, and sculpting with the included play-do! Remember, you must rely on your teammates to get you though the questions as you work together, so be sure to carefully select the most creative and imaginative players!  The team to your right draws the character’s card and gives you the activity, (follow the instructions on the card).  If your team was successful you may roll a dice and move to the next available spot with that color. If you come up to a Purple Planet Cranium you must stop on it, even if your roll would have taken you past it. However, if you did not complete the activity, your turn ends without a roll and the team on your left starts.

Let's Move Onto the Fast Track

If you complete your first activity while on the purple planet cranium you can go on the fast track. If not you must stay on the scenic view until you reach the next purple planet cranium.

Club Cranium Card

  • If someone draws a club cranium card all teams will get the chance to answer a question for a bonus roll.

  • Each team can have one member draw clues on a piece of paper; these may not be letters, symbols, etc. And no talking is allowed by the clue giver.

  • The first team to answer the question correctly gets to roll the dice and move. After that it goes back to the team whose turn it originally was.

  • If your team is on the purple planet cranium and you get it right you may move onto the fast track. If you get it wrong it will not count as your first attempt, so you may still move onto the fast track by completing the next activity.

May The Biggest Brains Win!

  • When you are in the Cranium Circle your team may move counterclockwise onto different characters until you complete all activities.

  • You still can answer one question per turn; if you get it right you keep the card and move one space clockwise. If you get it wrong you stay on the same spot.

  • If you win a club cranium challenge while in the cranium circle you may keep the card. Once your team has one card per character you can move into cranium central where your team will have to complete one activity to win.  The team to win the game is the team that completes the activity in the cranium central.

  • I found Cranium to be a pretty interesting party game for all ages and the kids especially loved focusing on their most positive sides.

the kids can all shine in different areas

My oldest son is an amazing artist, so he was able to perfect the drawing topics. My other son is a math genius, so he flew through he science and math questions. Whilst my daughter is a beautiful singer, so she was able to shine through the humming and singing themes.

Overall I think it's a fun game to pass the time together. Although I did give it only a 70 out of 100 score since the game tends to drag on after a while and can get pretty frustrating when you or your teammates can't work together. However, if you have a family full of creativity, this game will definitely be worth a few hours of laughs and lessons!

Have you played Cranium? What are your thoughts?

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